Donut Man

From DK’s to DM.  Donut Man that is.  To me, Donut Man is the tops of my Los Angeles donut list.  Now I know there is Randy’s Donuts and Bob’s Coffee and Donuts and Stan’s Doughnuts.  They are all great too as I have had them but what sets apart Donut Man from the rest is their fruit-filled concoctions housed inside dough.  I’m talking about their Strawberry and Peach donuts.

Now the only drawback to these delectable delights is that they are only available seasonally so you must get them while you can.  Yes, Glendora is not a close drive for most of us living in the greater Los Angeles area but it is well worth it to try them at least once.  If it wasn’t worth it, I’d be very surprised.  If you get hooked, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

donut man

They are ooey and gooey and dripping with strawberry syrupy goodness.  And then there is the glaze.  There is something about just the glaze that is delicious.  Even without the strawberries, the donut and glaze on its own would satisfy me.  Add the strawberry and forget about it.  Donut euphoria.  They are open 24 hours a day except holidays so anytime the urge comes, indulge.  I know I have.  Make sure to bring cash as they are cash only but there is an ATM on site if you need it.  As for their other donuts, I’m sure they are all awesome too.  I’ve had the peach-filled which is also made from fresh peaches and that is grand as well.  They have your basic donuts and crullers and offer different specials all throughout the year.  Check out their website or like them on Facebook to keep up to date on their offerings.

Anytime we sent to Vegas, we always made a stop at The Donut Man.  Twice!  Try it for yourself and enter donut heaven with the rest of us.

The Donut Man
915 E Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740

The Donut Man on Urbanspoon


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